A ‘Dexter’ spinoff starring… Dexter?

Dexter was eight seasons of fantastic, frustrating, confusing, infuriating cable television, the final of which many longtime fans of the Showtime series had a difficult time getting behind.  It was polarizing, to say the least, which is why even early talks of a prospective spinoff, starring Michael C. Hall’s Dexter Morgan himself seems…weird. Kinda inexplicable. If […]

Arrow TV Review

Oliver Queen is a nauseatingly rich, however extraordinarily juvenile playboy who turns into a serious vigilante attempting to clean up Star(ling) City in the wake of coming back from five years stranded on an island. The show takes the interesing configuration of simultaneously showcasing a year of Ollie’s life back home and the comparing year […]

Community TV Review

I missed the boat on Community, and after catching a few episodes in syndication, I binged my way through all four seasons before the fifth season premier. For the first three episodes of season 4, I was confused as to why people hated this season. It had a few awkward moments, but so had all […]

Glee TV Review

I loved Glee season 1. Okay, beyond any doubt, it got senseless partially through, however it was agreeable enough on its own benefits. Nonetheless, when season 2 came around, I preferred the beginning couple of scenes, just for it to get awful genuine quick. The expansion of Blaine just appeared to be tossed in there […]